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Pallet Furniture 

Pine pallet Desks and Tables for office or home

Wood pallets have been around for decades as mechanisms for shipping and storing large items (among other things). Recently, however, wooden pallets have become much more than a once off packaging piece. They’ve become a useful resource in home décor and design.

Box Designs

We have introduced a NEW RANGE of plywood or MDF boxes for glasses, jars, soaps, jams, nuts etc. as well as supplying Exotic Wooden boxes for corporate and personal gifts, presentations and wine.

All our Slot-Boxes are produced on our CNC equipment.

Pallet Accessories

Pine pallet Bathroom Stand and Pallet Table

What is CNC?

A CNC router works very much like any other CNC machine. A CNC machine or a Computer Numerically Controlled system using computer software and CNC controller electronics to drive a mechanical system. 

Using this setup, it is possible to achieve far greater accuracy and precision than a human operator using a hand router. A traditional CNC router can move and cut in three directions which are usually referred to at the X, Y, and Z directions. 

The X-axis is usually the longest of the three running front to back. The Y-axis runs from left to right while the Z-axis runs up and down. CNC machines are extremely efficient in that they work in all three directions in near perfect unison, giving this machine the capability of carving complex shapes.

The CNC controller and computer system work together as the “brain” for these machines, sending signals to the motors and drive system as to which direction to move and how far. Of course the computer must be given a design to work from.

Most designs start in a digital format such as a DXF drawing or some other similar format. The user would then use a CAM software package (Computer-aided manufacturing, CAM, is the use of software to control machine tools in the manufacturing of workpieces, along with the CNC controller software provided). 

These types of software convert a 3D or 2D digital image into a tool path code such as G-code. The computer then converts these commands into a digital signal which it relays to the CNC controller which converts the digital signal to varying voltages and currents that control the mechanical drive systems.

Whats New

We have recently imported equipment from America to produce accurate finger joints on boxes. 


Our Slot-Box designs can be made to fit any shape of goods. With laser engraving on the lid a well-priced product is produced for a personal or corporate gift.

CNC Design Catalog

We have hundreds of designs that can be offered in many categories. See our online Catalogue:

Click the link below to view the wide range of designs we have on offer: